German Master Butcher in the South of Tenerife
With over 30 years experience, enjoy German prepared meat and sausages.
Artisan tradition
Our meat production is based on tried and tested traditional craftsmanship.
Top quality meat
100% Quality


Top quality, 100% freshness and tried and tested traditional craftsmanship are a must for our processing. This is the only way we can consistently offer you the best quality meats and produce.

Sausage production

Good sausage production takes skilled manual work which our master butcher excels at. Nearly all of our product range is home made, the only exception being the salami sausages which are imported directly from Germany.
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Origin of our meat

Our meat is delivered several times a week directly and exclusively by breeders who house the animals according to our high standards.

Pork Tenerife

We use selected pig farmers in Tenerife for our pork. We guarantee first class quality and 100% freshness of our products.

Beef Mainland Spain

Our beef comes from mainland Spain, we choose our supplier carefully, making sure they provide good housing for the animals.
Poultry & Lamb

Poultry & Lamb Mainland Spain

Poultry & Lamb complete our product line. The meat comes from selected farmers in mainland Spain.